Baby C is now 7 Months Old!

Tenacious, curious, inquisitive.

C and Mommy at 1 year

Analytical, creative, empathetic.

C and K taking a rest at Animal Kingdom

Affectionate, intelligent, entertaining.

C is 3.5 years old

Mischievous and sweet.

Moving With Two Autistic Children

This is five.


C Turns Three!

My dear son,

How are you three years old already? You and I used to hang out together all day – just the two of us. Trips to the store, long walks, reading books, playing. I cherish our time alone together like it was yesterday. I’m amazed at how big you’ve gotten. Your strength, courage and resilience inspires me daily. You have been through more this year than any child should have to experience, and I feel like our bond has grown even stronger.

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Baby Jo is One!

Dearest Baby Jo,

One year and one day ago, we took C to the zoo and the park on a Saturday to start a birthday celebration weekend. C was turning two on Monday and we wanted to give him a special weekend before you were born.

C zoo 3

Yes, Mama looked very pregnant there; but we still weren’t expecting you until our scheduled cesarean on May 6 – and you weren’t even due until May 12. I put your brother to bed a few hours later and started to hang up his Mickey Mouse birthday decorations. That’s when the contractions started. They were very strong and only 4 minutes apart. I knew it was time.

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My Surprise Birthday Weekend!

So, uh, remember that time at the end of June when I had a birthday? I forgot to write about the awesome weekend that Hubster and I had!


Do you ever get into a rut, where you’re so focused on the responsibilities in life that you don’t take the time to have some fun? After Baby Jo arrived in late April and I was trying to figure out my new role as a mother of two, I definitely got into that rut. Maybe that rut even started when I was so sick while pregnant with her. I’m not sure, but I knew that Hubster and I weren’t being silly and laughing with each other as much as we used to. I told him that I wanted to spend a weekend with him over my birthday so that we could just focus on being us – not mother, father, employee, cleaner of all the messes…just us.

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Birthday Weekend

I’m turning 26 this weekend (happy birthday to me!). I’m a little weirded out that I’m entering my upper-20s…and that I’m finished having children by the time I turned 26.

Anyway, Hubster is surprising me with a birthday weekend. We’re dropping the kids off at the in-laws’ tomorrow and going somewhere for the weekend. I have no idea where. I have no idea what we’re doing. And shockingly, this control freak is excited.

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Happy 2nd Birthday, C!

My sweet boy turned 2 on Monday. I honestly cannot believe that my little boy is now a big brother! We were going to spend the entire weekend celebrating his birthday as a family, but Baby Jo had different plans for Sunday. 😉

I’m so glad that we made Saturday such a fun day for him. We took him to the zoo and then to the park.

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