My Most Embarrassing Goodwill Drop-Off

I’ve made lots of drop-offs of donations to Goodwill over the years – usually coinciding with our moves. The donation I made yesterday is easily the most embarrassing. I may have skidded my tires during my haste to get out of there.

No, I don’t want a receipt, thankyouverymuch!

What was in my bag of generous donations, you ask? Eight bras. Eight bras that are now too large, because Baby Jo seems to have stolen a cup size. Whenever I ask her to give it back, she just smiles and puts her hands in her mouth. She’s not talking, so I gave up hope. It was time to cut ties and accept the size Baby Jo left me.

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Bra Shopping, the sequel

Back in November, I had a mortifying experience purchasing bras.  Little did I know that there would only be more shock and embarrassment to come.

Why did no one ever warn me that in the second and third trimesters, your rib cage expands to accommodate your increased lung capacity?  So now, not only has your cup size changed, but you may also need a larger band size?!  The horror.  Oh yeah, and none of the books that I read warned me that your boobs may start to leak in the third trimester.  The horror.

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