(Kinda) Wordless Wednesday: C Plays Video Games

There are few things that bring me as much joy as seeing how much my children love their daddy. C often looks out the window to see if Hubster is walking home from work. “We miss Daddy when he’s at work, don’t we?” He wants to run errands with Daddy, attend residence life programs by his side, and learn how to play x-box games just like him.

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This is our autism.

Did you know that April is Autism Awareness Month? This year, it has special¬†significance for our family. C was diagnosed with autism last month. There have been nay-sayers who thought that C was, “just an anxiety kid,” including his pediatrician and occupational therapist. Once he received the diagnosis, it was like his entire childhood became clear. All the questionable behaviors, all the challenges, everything was explained with that one word. A cloud lifted. This isn’t bad parenting. This isn’t a bad child who needs more discipline. Something bigger than all of us is at play here. This is our autism.

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C’s Biggest Cheerleader

Sometimes our biggest cheerleaders come in the smallest sizes. Baby Jo isn’t even two years old, but there is no doubt that she is C’s biggest cheerleader. She goes to the bathroom with him when he’s afraid to go alone, tells him to come to the table when his food is waiting for him, and she celebrates his achievements.

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C was diagnosed with autism

They say most people know a family who has been touched with autism. If you didn’t before, you do now. We are that family.

C was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Under the old DSM IV, he would have been classified under Asperger’s or high functioning. He is severe in areas of rigidity (fixations and needing things to be his way) and social interaction. It was suggested that a center-based intensive therapy might be best for him so that he is around peers instead of one-on-one with an adult. The Early Start Denver Model was suggested as best for him as a developmental approach. Now comes more work on my part to speak with insurance, interview clinics and find the best fit for his needs.

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