I love and hate early intervention.

Giving C a hug

C will begin center-based ABA therapy for autism on June 1st. We chose center-based early intervention primarily based on the recommendations of the team that provided the diagnosis. He needs that social interaction to help him grow in the areas he struggles most. While in-home early intervention is an excellent choice for many families, I also felt that it wouldn’t be a good fit with our small apartment and the difficulty I would have separating Baby Jo and C during therapy sessions. We are very happy with the center, C loves it and we’re all excited for therapy to begin. But…I’m finding myself sulking about the whole situation.

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C did something big tonight. Huge!

Autism can make for a lot of difficult times, so I like to celebrate every accomplishment. It can take a long time to get there! It’s been a few of those difficult days again, but C has been eating fairly well for the past two weeks. A few weeks ago, I successfully weaned him off his reflux medication. I lost count of how many times we’ve tried to do that in nearly two years. We did it! Today, I decided to try going without his gastric emptying medication.

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Tiny Gardeners

C and Baby Jo planting seeds

These two tiny gardeners loved helping their nana plant vegetables. “Help.” I am using that word loosely!

C and Baby Jo put on gardening gloves

There was a lot of dirt throwing, digging up seeds that had already been planted, and fighting over a shovel.

Baby Jo digs a hole for seeds

C still talks about how he and Nana planted a garden last year, so I guess it was worth the stress? Perfectly imperfect moments.

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When it’s hard to treasure every moment, because of autism.

When It's Hard to Treasure Our Days Together

As parents, we love our children with all of our being. They are so much a part of us that we feel joy when they smile and pain when they cry. We are bombarded with messages to treasure every moment. Life is fleeting. Our children are only young for a short amount of time. That’s true; but sometimes it is hard to treasure our days together. There is another truth that I have come to know. Sometimes, autism can be an asshole.

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Take a day to explore places you’ve never been with your kids

We’ve lived in the same city for three years, but there are so many places we’ve never been. Last weekend, we spent a whole day just exploring new destinations with our kids and it was so much fun!

There is a coffee shop with an indoor playground for kids. YES. What a brilliant idea! It was just as fun as it sounds.

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Things That Hurt

Things that hurt

C was diagnosed with autism over a month ago now. Although we expected the diagnosis, it was difficult to process. I have had time to process it and am doing well now. We know where he will get intensive ABA therapy and are in the process of getting that started. There is a plan in place. Even though I am doing well with this new status as an autism parent, I still find myself sensitive to certain things.

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