A Yard, a Neighbor and Life Lessons

A Yard To Play In

“Can we play outside?” My kids would spend all their hours outside if they could. We finally have a space for our kids to play safely. They have space to run, climb, jump and explore. We have a yard to play in and neighbors to play with, which presented a new aspect of parenting for me this week.

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Baby C is now 7 Months Old!

Tenacious, curious, inquisitive.

C and Mommy at 1 year

Analytical, creative, empathetic.

C and K taking a rest at Animal Kingdom

Affectionate, intelligent, entertaining.

C is 3.5 years old

Mischievous and sweet.

Moving With Two Autistic Children

This is five.

Autism and My Son’s Empathy

Autism and My Son's Empathy

It’s been said that people with autism are incapable of empathy. Quite frankly, I think that is ridiculous. My son has always been intuitive. He knows when I am stressed or sad, even when I try to mask it, and he responds accordingly. My son’s empathy is growing in the same way he is.

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{KWW} Mommy, we should probably take a picture of this.

Mommy, we should probably take a picture of this.

It was our first night in the new house. C didn’t have a bed here yet. We turned it into a slumber party in Mommy and Daddy’s room. He was visibly nervous, biting his nails and chatting nonstop. He had excitement about the new house mixed with agitation about every new noise. Finally, he said he was ready to go to sleep – but first, “Mommy, we should probably take a picture of this.”

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