Baby C is now 7 Months Old!

Tenacious, curious, inquisitive.

C and Mommy at 1 year

Analytical, creative, empathetic.

C and K taking a rest at Animal Kingdom

Affectionate, intelligent, entertaining.

C is 3.5 years old

Mischievous and sweet.

Moving With Two Autistic Children

This is five.

Autism and My Son’s Empathy

Autism and My Son's Empathy

It’s been said that people with autism are incapable of empathy. Quite frankly, I think that is ridiculous. My son has always been intuitive. He knows when I am stressed or sad, even when I try to mask it, and he responds accordingly. My son’s empathy is growing in the same way he is.

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{KWW} Mommy, we should probably take a picture of this.

Mommy, we should probably take a picture of this.

It was our first night in the new house. C didn’t have a bed here yet. We turned it into a slumber party in Mommy and Daddy’s room. He was visibly nervous, biting his nails and chatting nonstop. He had excitement about the new house mixed with agitation about every new noise. Finally, he said he was ready to go to sleep – but first, “Mommy, we should probably take a picture of this.”

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Moving, Repairs, and Moving with Two Autistic Children

Moving With Two Autistic Children

A Quiet, Cuddly Moment

I’ve been a little more absent here than I had planned. Moving has consumed all of our time and energy the past week! We spent all of last week cleaning and painting. There was so much cleaning to be done and things kept going wrong. The washing machine was so overtaken by mold that it was easier to replace than to clean and repair it. The chain on the garage door opener snapped, so Hubster and my dad replaced it. We opted to change out the gas range for an electric range for our kids’ safety. A contractor doing something else in the house found wet wood in the basement, signaling an issue that must be addressed. I’m still working on getting a contractor over to look at it. I am praying it’s not mold. We had our big move-in day on Saturday. On Sunday at 1am, the refrigerator broke. We discovered our home warranty doesn’t cover appliances.

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