It’s Amazing What Real Food Can Do

It's Amazing What Real Food Can Do for a #tubie

It’s been about a month now since C switched from Pediasure to a blenderized, whole foods diet. I’ve seen tremendous changes in him. Cognitively, behaviorally and physically, he is truly thriving.

  • His nails are growing faster than I can keep up with trimming.
  • His hair seems to get thicker every day.
  • His muscle tone has improved and he is more willing to utilize his core muscles by crawling on the floor with his sister.
  • I’ve had to let out his adjustable waistband a few times.
  • When I pick him up, he feels more solid than before.
  • He is no longer experiencing sugar crashes shortly after every tube feed.
  • He throws fewer tantrums.
  • He is more willing to approach new foods, sometimes even putting them in his mouth.
  • His vocabulary expands daily. His ability to put multiple sentences together is blowing me away!

I could not be happier with these improvements. I finally feel like I’m giving my boy the best nutritional advantage that I can; and honestly, it’s the first time in his life that I’m feeling that way. Before the tube, it was exasperation and stress that he was not eating. After the tube, I was uncomfortable with the amount of sugar calories he was receiving but worried about his progress on the growth charts. Now I am relaxed, pleased with the quality food that he is getting, and able to focus on his therapy and progress.

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Developmental Leaps

Just in the past week, I’ve noticed so many changes in C developmentally.  He says “yes” or “no” to just about any question we ask him.  We can communicate even more with him now, and it’s so much fun!

Here are some typical conversations we’ve been having:

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Skipping Milestones?

Have your children ever skipped milestones?

C never wants to sit down.  He always stiffens his body up to stand.  Whenever we’re lucky enough to get him to sit, he arches his back in protest.  He *LOVES* to jump and stand.  He won’t even roll over when on his stomach (even though he did that at 2 months of age…).  I’m not surprised that he won’t roll over from his back to belly because he has zero interest in being on his belly.  He ONLY wants to stand.  I have a feeling he will refuse to learn to sit or roll and just go straight to walking.

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