A Disney Cars Birthday Party for C’s 3rd and Baby Jo’s 1st Birthdays!

Disclosure: I received product from Tutus by Terrah and Little Bug Shoppe for use at the kids’ party. The thoughts and opinions expressed below are entirely my own.

C is simply obsessed with Disney’s Cars. A Disney Cars birthday party was the only way to go this year. Lightning McQueen, Mater, Francesco, Finn McMissile…the boy is all about his favorite Cars characters. Baby Jo…well, without a preference at the age of one, she was just along for the ride!

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Baby Jo is One!

Dearest Baby Jo,

One year and one day ago, we took C to the zoo and the park on a Saturday to start a birthday celebration weekend. C was turning two on Monday and we wanted to give him a special weekend before you were born.

C zoo 3

Yes, Mama looked very pregnant there; but we still weren’t expecting you until our scheduled cesarean on May 6 – and you weren’t even due until May 12. I put your brother to bed a few hours later and started to hang up his Mickey Mouse birthday decorations. That’s when the contractions started. They were very strong and only 4 minutes apart. I knew it was time.

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A Letter to C on His 1st Birthday

My sweet little C turns one this weekend, so I’ve written this letter to him to commemorate the occasion.

Happy 1st Birthday, my C-Monkey!  We are so happy that you’ve come into our lives and filled it with so much love and adventure.

You are very investigative.  When you were very small, you carefully watched everything and everyone around you.  Now, you get into everything!  You always need to inspect everything to figure out what it is, how it works and even how it tastes.

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