Hubster Graduates!

Today, Hubster graduated with his Masters of Science.  I couldn’t be prouder.  🙂

Hubster with his parents and C

He has worked so hard these past two years, all the while supporting C and me through so many ups and downs.

Ups and Downs…

I have to admit that today I was 98% happy and proud of Hubster and 2% jealous.  When we started this adventure two years ago, we intended to graduate with our master’s degrees together today.  We survived through a horrendous first trimester of pregnancy for me, in which I suffered hyperemesis and lost both my job (graduate assistantship) and was forced to withdraw from school.  We experienced the birth of our awesome son, whom I simply cannot imagine life without.  We lived through two months of colic, followed by about four months of C’s high needs.  We handled my diagnosis of postpartum depression and the tumultuous period that followed.  Now, we celebrate Hubster’s success and look forward to the exciting next step for our family.

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To Dwell

(yesterday afternoon)
Me: Can we hang out together tonight?
Hubster: What do you want to do?
Me: Nothing really.  I’d just like to dwell in the same room with you when we’re not asleep.

You know your spouse has been super busy lately when your idea of hanging out together is simply to dwell in the same room!

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