Marriage and Special Needs Parenting: How We Make It Work

Marriage and Special Needs Parenting How We Make It Work

I was not surprised when I heard the statistics about higher divorce rates among couples who have children with autism. The stress that accompanies a child’s special needs is challenging. Hubster and I are celebrating our seventh anniversary this month. I certainly wouldn’t call us marriage experts after seven years, but I would say that we have weathered an enormous amount of stress in those seven years and we are now stronger than ever. I think our marriage has hit its stride this past year after enduring many ups and downs.

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Special One-on-One Time

Special one on one time

Do you look at your kids and think, “How did you get this big?!” I can’t believe how quickly they are growing up. I want to treasure them at each age. We like to have special one-on-one time with each of our children once in a while. I think it’s important when you have more than one child to give each of them a special day that is all about them. Thanks to my parents, we had the opportunity to do that this weekend! It’s fun to see the excitement in the kids’ eyes when we give them the opportunity to choose their own adventure.

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{KWW} They liked the sliding stairs.

Kids at the Packers Hall of Fame

I have a funny little autism story to share with you today. It’s one of those things I can’t help but chuckle about. My kids’ interests are a little different from other kids. If you know my kids, this won’t surprise you at all! It’s not bad or better or a reason to make fun. It’s just different and that’s totally okay!

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{KWW} Just a Guy and a Girl in a ResHall

Just a Guy and a Girl in a ResHall

It wasn’t love at first sight, but our personalities clicked immediately. We were just a guy and a girl in a ResHall, hanging out at the front desk, working on programs together and having epic late-night snowball fights with some of our friends. This picture provides the perfect window into our lives nine years ago. You would rarely find one of us without the other. Less than a week after this picture was taken, we officially started dating. I love this photo. I see that new relationship excitement in both of our eyes and it brings back those feelings. You know the ones – flutters in your stomach, heart skipping a beat.

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{KWW} Daddy, I Cuddle You

Daddy I Cuddle You

A cold is making its way through our family. Baby Jo was really sick, sleeping in and requesting cuddles. I loved hearing her tell her daddy, “Daddy, I cuddle you!”

Judging Eyes and Soft Whispers

Judging Eyes and Soft Whispers - Our Restaurant Experiences

We took our kids to a restaurant for the first time exactly two years ago. With an almost-3-year-old who never sat at the table, it was never worth trying. The outing went very well. C tried a breadstick and some spaghetti. Both kids managed the event well.

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