Be Enough Me: A Letter to 16-Year-Old Me

Dear Kristin,

There will be several circumstances in your life that you may not think you can handle, but you can.  Know that you are strong and resilient.  You have a support system that is very strong.  God and your family provide a strong foundation.  Your faith may shake, but your foundation is built on solid rock.

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Be Enough Me: My Dream Day

This week’s Just.Be.Enough Be Enough Me prompt is, “My Dream Day…”

When I saw this week’s prompt, I got really excited.  I’m a dreamer, and dreaming up a perfect day sounded like so much fun.  I pulled some inspiration from our amazing honeymoon in NoCal. 🙂

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Be Enough Me: Looking in the Mirror

This week’s Just.Be.Enough Be Enough Me prompt was, “When I look in the mirror…”

This weekend, we celebrated my son’s 1st birthday.  I hated most of the pictures of myself from that day.  I saw the extra pounds around my waist that I’ve been struggling to get rid of for exactly one year now.  I saw the bags under my eyes from my recent insomnia.  I saw the anxiety in my eyes, something that I’ve really been struggling with as we’re now a month away from moving out of state.

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