(Kinda) Wordless Wednesday: The Service Car Station is the Coolest Toy Ever!

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C's favorite toy car

Hubster discovered this toy, a car that you can put together and take apart, online and knew that C had to own it. Our son loves all things related to vehicles. He has hundreds of cars, trucks and planes, and studies each and every one of them. He talks about the lights, paint colors, doors and windows. When we are driving, he points out cars that look like ours, Grandpa’s, or his aunt and uncles’. A fixation isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You can play it up and use it to help your child learn.

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Our Week in Pictures

“Look, Mama!  Now I can pull myself up whenever I want, even when you’re not watching!”

“I also like to leave behind a path of destruction.”

On my shopping spree to find new clothes to flatter the new body shape that C left me with, I found what I think will become my favorite dress of the summer season!  Please excuse the awkward self-portrait-in-the-bathroom. 😉

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TV Watching is Detrimental to Babies’ Development

Many of us already knew that babies should not be exposed to television aimed for adults (maybe you should watch Weeds after baby goes to bed…), but did you also know that even so-called “educational” programs can hinder a child’s development before the age of 2?

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