Marriage and Special Needs Parenting: How We Make It Work

Marriage and Special Needs Parenting How We Make It Work

I was not surprised when I heard the statistics about higher divorce rates among couples who have children with autism. The stress that accompanies a child’s special needs is challenging. Hubster and I are celebrating our seventh anniversary this month. I certainly wouldn’t call us marriage experts after seven years, but I would say that we have weathered an enormous amount of stress in those seven years and we are now stronger than ever. I think our marriage has hit its stride this past year after enduring many ups and downs.

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Staying Connected

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Every year, Hubster and I go on a kids-free vacation together. With the stress of two young children, autism, and our work schedules, we find ourselves looking so forward to that annual time as a couple. Staying connected is so important.

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Hubster and I had a Staycation

February was…a month. Stress beyond measure and very long work hours for Hubster. We were due for a little relaxation and face time with each other and thankfully, we both have awesome parents. My in-laws took the kids last weekend and Hubster and I had a staycation. It was really fun doing things at home that we don’t normally get to do while the kids are here.

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Hubster…oh, that guy!

Hubster and Kristin cuddle in bean bag chair

There are many times each year that I’m guaranteed to only see my husband for about 10 minutes each day. I know that he loves working in student affairs and I try my best to be as supportive as possible. Solo parenting is challenging though and I stand in awe of those who do it all the time! Last week, Hubster had ResLife spring training. He would get home around 2am and we only saw him briefly as he was getting ready to head out again in the morning.

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Hubster Just Made My Day

I’ve been feeling bad about myself lately (stupid Zoloft). What we need to remember is that our loved ones will love us no matter what.

I’m up really early this morning. C climbed into bed with us at 5am and wouldn’t stop rubbing my face. So after he fell back asleep I got up and went to my laptop. Opened it up to see this video that Hubster put together for me when I went to bed early last night. He’s the greatest.

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Four Years and The Honeymoon Is Over

Well, I guess that’s it. You hear about these things, but you never think it’ll happen to you. These things always happen to other women, right? Wrong.

Four years is what it took before my husband completely stopped listening to me.

It became obvious tonight that he never listens to anything I say anymore, so I called him out on it. His suggestion? Buffering what I say with pointless conversation, because he usually listens to the middle part.

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