Hubster Just Made My Day

I’ve been feeling bad about myself lately (stupid Zoloft). What we need to remember is that our loved ones will love us no matter what.

I’m up really early this morning. C climbed into bed with us at 5am and wouldn’t stop rubbing my face. So after he fell back asleep I got up and went to my laptop. Opened it up to see this video that Hubster put together for me when I went to bed early last night. He’s the greatest.

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Four Years and The Honeymoon Is Over

Well, I guess that’s it. You hear about these things, but you never think it’ll happen to you. These things always happen to other women, right? Wrong.

Four years is what it took before my husband completely stopped listening to me.

It became obvious tonight that he never listens to anything I say anymore, so I called him out on it. His suggestion? Buffering what I say with pointless conversation, because he usually listens to the middle part.

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Happy 4th Anniversary, Hubster!

Wedding in garden

Ken Cravillion Photography

Who would have thought that four years after this day, we would have two children?! I’m so happy with the family that we’ve created.

Ken Cravillion Photography

Ken Cravillion Photography

Our wedding was the most fun day. Not only was I committing to share my life with my best friend, but we were surrounded by the most wonderful family and friends a person could ask for.

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Happy Anniversary, Hubster!

Three years ago today, Hubster and I were joined for life.  I love you, dear!  Here’s a quick summary of that beautiful day in pictures.

When Friends Are Like Family

Last night, we celebrated my friend’s bachelorette party and it was a blast!  I’ve known L and her fiance, J, since college.  J was Hubster’s roommate for two years, before they both got involved in residence life.  L, J, Hubster and I used to have a couple’s night about once per week.  It was so much fun, and we all became very good friends.  L and J are one of the few non-blood-relatives in my life that I know would be there for me no matter what.  Life could take a million big shits on my face and they’d still be hanging around with their noses plugged.

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Meant To Be

If Hubster and I hadn’t met in college, where would we be now?  It’s a question we were pondering yesterday as we marked five years since we officially started dating.

We decided that neither of us would have broken off our prior relationships, because we wouldn’t have met each other and realized how much we “clicked” with someone else.  I would have been in a terribly mismatched marriage, that would likely have ended very badly.  Hubster would have ended up in an equally loveless marriage.

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To Dwell

(yesterday afternoon)
Me: Can we hang out together tonight?
Hubster: What do you want to do?
Me: Nothing really.  I’d just like to dwell in the same room with you when we’re not asleep.

You know your spouse has been super busy lately when your idea of hanging out together is simply to dwell in the same room!

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11 Hours of Sleep? Divine!

I got 11 – ELEVEN!! – hours of sleep last night!  It was absolutely divine and for the first time since before I had C, I actually feel well-rested.  I have energy and feel like myself again.  In fact, Hubster would tell you that I’m playing it fast and loose with the weird life commentary, sound effects and laughter today.  (Doesn’t he remember that’s just my personality?) ;)

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One Year Ago Today I Found Out I Was Pregnant

It was one year ago today that I woke up at 6am and decided to take a pregnancy test.  I was about to join a boot camp fitness team with three other grad students.  I hadn’t been feeling quite right and my period was late (although with PCOS, the latter part was not abnormal), so I thought I would make sure that I wasn’t pregnant before I spent $75 on boot camp.

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Best Hubster Ever

I have to spend a couple minutes bragging up Hubster.  He’s pretty much been awesome throughout my pregnancy, but the last couple days he has been extra awesome.  Yesterday, he did all of our dishes AND gave me a reflexology foot massage to hopefully induce labor.  He looked it up on Youtube and tried it out.  So sweet.

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Holy Crap – I'm Going to be a Parent!

Did you have one moment where it hit you like a ton of bricks – the realization that you’re going to be responsible for a whole other little person?  For life?!

I feel like I’ve had multiple mini-moments like that, but yesterday it hit me a little bit harder than normal.  Like WHOA.  I don’t think that I’ll fully understand what that responsibility and life change will feel like or really mean until we’re actually holding our baby in our arms.  At the same time, though, it’s so strange to think about how our life will be changing forever.

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Hubby Time

Today, I had an awesome yet supremely rare opportunity to spend the entire day with my hubster. It was fantastic. :)

While thinking about how wonderful it was to be spending quality time together, it occurred to me that today was the first day he took off of work since we were visiting family during the holidays. I’m so proud and appreciative of him and how hard he works to provide for our growing family. While he’s extremely dedicated to excelling in school and his job, I’m going to start encouraging him to take more time to relax for both his own sanity and for us. I mean, one day off in two months?! The man needs a break!

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