On Having a Little Hope and Preparing for Baby Jo’s Autism Evaluation

I was starting to feel desperate last week regarding my experience tapering off my antidepressant. Thankfully, I have received a bit of direction from my family doctor. I would have preferred to begin a new medication to slowly replace what I am tapering from, but that looks like it is not an option since I don’t have a psychiatrist. It’s a relief that I have a little hope now that I’m not navigating this process on my own, though. I’m currently on 5 mg of escitalopram and my symptoms are not quite as severe.

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House Hunting and Patience

I am not a patient person. If there was a patience scale and you asked me to rate my level of patience from one to ten, I would generously place myself at a two. It’s not that I don’t try to be patient. I’m just a planner. I need to know exactly what is happening so I can place it all on a specific timeline in my head (and my iCal – let’s be real).

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Big Changes For Our Family!

Lambeau Leap to celebrate big changes for our family

In true fashion, we’re doing the Lambeau Leap to celebrate big changes for our family!

We have some exciting news to share! This news is something that I’ve been dreaming about for a long time. The timing of it feels like a Christmas gift! There are big changes for our family in 2016…

We’re moving off campus! Hubster has accepted a new position that allows us to continue to live in the area we love and live off-campus.

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My Years of Transition by Anna Stindt {Guest Post}

I’m happy to have my friend, Anna, posting here today.  Anna is a social worker and mom to a 17-month-old son.  Thank you for being here, Anna! – Odd years have been good to me & I hope for the same in 2013.
  • 2003- graduated high school
  • 2007- graduated college
  • 2009- graduated from my master’s & got married
  • 2011- my son was born
  • 2013- starts our new adventure…
My husband recently got a job about 120 miles from where we currently live. Since, end of November we have started our 2013 transition of moving to a new city. We have been staying with our parents at either location due to holiday travel has well. I have to say my 17-month-old has handled it very well. A few things I have done that I think was helpful:
  • Familiar toys at both location
  • kept to his usual routine of eating & sleeping
  • have his security item (blanket/ puppy) with us at all times
  • either mom or dad have been with him everyday.

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Credit Card Fiasco

Ugh, I am so annoyed.  I never knew that moving would be such a hassle with our CREDIT CARD company.

When we first moved, I followed the standard protocol and changed our address online through my account.  After I clicked “update,” I noticed that it had reverted to our former city/state but kept our new street address.  So I changed it again.  Then it was correct.  No big deal, right?

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We Move Tomorrow!

I’ve been doing a great job of not dwelling on our upcoming move.  Somehow, I’ve managed not to daydream about what our apartment might look like (we haven’t seen it!).  Until now, that is.  We’re going to get our keys tomorrow and I cannot wait!

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