My 2016 Word of the Year: Change

2016 Word of the Year Change

Change. It’s happening to us, through us, and in us all the time. Sometimes change is difficult. Sometimes it’s welcomed. Sometimes it feels like everything is changing. Sometimes it feels like things will never change.

Our family is experiencing an abundance of change this year!

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2012: The Year of Me

Okay, that title sounds rather conceited; but I’ve realized something needs to change after I’ve put everyone and everything before myself for so long.  There are a few things that I want to focus on this year that have been neglected.

I will focus on maintaining healthy habits.  While everyone in the world resolves to lose weight and/or get fit in the New Year, this resolution is more about overall health.  In 2011, I did not recognize my PPD symptoms because I didn’t make time for myself.  If I had delegated any of my time to my own needs, perhaps I would have noticed the signs before my PPD had become so severe.  In 2012, I will budget daily time for myself – whether that be in the form of exercise, relaxation or a nap (or a little of each!).

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What 2011 Taught Me

As 2011 comes to a close, I’ve been pondering the life lessons that this year has taught me.  Do you also find yourself reflecting on the past year?  If so, what are some things that you have learned?

1. Becoming a parent is life-changing.  Even though you have the entire pregnancy to prepare for parenthood, the actual transformation is almost instantaneous.  Shortly after I had gotten my epidural in the hospital, Hubster went out to get himself dinner.  We knew there was a long night of labor ahead of us.  I’ll never forget how I shocked my nurse by choosing to lay in silence instead of turning on the television.  I told her that my life would never be that quiet again and I wanted to relish in it.  Wow, was that the truth.  Leaving our home as a couple and returning as a family was an amazing experience for which I don’t think we could have emotionally prepared.

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