Weekly Update

35 weeks

Size of baby: Large Cantaloupe (up to 22 inches, approx, 5.5 lbs)

Newly craved food:  Veggie subs from Subway

Food aversions: Beef, fried foods

What do you miss?  Being comfortable.

What are you looking forward to?  The ability to sleep Continue Reading…

I Need a Little Sun in my Life

This winter has dragged by.  It seems like we have had a snowstorm nearly every weekend since November 1st!  Yesterday, it was beautiful, warm and sunny….and today it’s a rainy mess.

I think I’m a little depressed.  On Friday, the baby Continue Reading…

Why Every Pregnant Woman Needs an Exercise Ball

Why Every Pregnant Woman Needs an Exercise Ball
About a year ago when Hubster wanted to get an exercise ball, I was against it.  I pictured this big ol’ ball taking up what precious little floor space we had.  I pictured it sitting there collecting dust because neither of us would ever use Continue Reading…

Surrendering to the Waddle

In the back of my mind, I have always thought that ladies at the end of their pregnancies with the arched backs and the duck waddle were exaggerating.  Why would anyone need to counterbalance by bending backward?  And why, WHY, would anyone need Continue Reading…