C and Baby Jo Play Chase!

These two have the best time together! Tonight they were chasing each other around underneath the table and just laughing together. LOVE them. 🙂

Play Makes Babies Smarter

I have to admit that sometimes articles like this overwhelm me.  You mean just by smiling at my baby, I’ll be helping him develop social skills that will impact him for the rest of his life?!  You’re telling me that simply playing with blocks, my child will be developing language and mathematical skills?!  It makes me wonder if I’ll do enough of the little things correctly and if I miss something, will my child be irreversibly screwed up?!

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Creative Play

I saw this article from Today’s Parent on Twitter and thought it was super fun to read.  I like that people are recognizing the importance of harboring creativity and encouraging creative play among young children.  I think that the parenting trend kind of moved away from creative play and was replaced with too much structured play for a while.  But, like the article says, when adults are telling kids how to play, then it is no longer play!

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