Tastefully Simple: Sweet Swirl™ Caramel Cake Mix Review & Giveaway

Disclosure: As a blogger for Tastefully Simple, I receive compensation and product for review purposes. The opinions below are entirely my own.

There is so much “yum” in this post, y’all. Tastefully Simple’s Sweet Swirl™ Caramel Cake Mix arrived in my mailbox this month. I was really excited to surprise Hubster with this, because that man is all about the caramel. I haven’t had much time to indulge my inner baking goddess. That’s what I love about these products – if you have a few minutes and a couple of ingredients, you can easily whip up something special.

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My FitU Review & Giveaway

Disclosure: I received a one-year membership to MyFitU. The opinions below are entirely my own.

I’ve been thinking about joining a gym; but with everything going on with C, I wouldn’t have time to use a membership. MyFitU.com is a great option that works with my hectic, uncertain schedule. It’s like having my own personal trainer at my fingertips and, essentially, I do.

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mamatea Review and Giveaway

Disclosure: I received two samples of Mamatea for review. The opinions below are entirely my own.

mama tea

We often hear about certain tea blends that are great to drink while you’re pregnant or nursing, but have you actually tried them? They’re not very pleasant! I have to admit, I’m more of a coffee drinker than a tea drinker. I think that’s because I had never tried mamatea.

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LifeOil Review and Giveaway

Disclosure: I received LifeOil to review. The thoughts and opinions below are entirely my own.


Hubster and I have been doing a lot of cooking since we tried the Whole 30 challenge last month. I suppose it’s a normal amount of cooking for us, but compared to how much I was cooking while pregnant with Baby Jo (none at all!), it sure seems like a lot. :)

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PinkBlush Maternity Review and Giveaway!

I received a dress from PinkBlush Maternity for review purposes. The opinions below are entirely my own.

pinkblush maternity

When I was browsing PinkBlush Maternity‘s website, my first thought was, “Dang, I wish I had known about this while I was still pregnant!” They have so many trendy maternity clothes and they’re all affordable. In fact, Hubster was relieved that I didn’t know about this site while I was pregnant. ;)

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myheartsaKEs Review and Giveaway!


Kylie creates beautiful hand-stamped, personalized jewelry at her Etsy shop, myheartsaKEs.  Since we found out we’ll be having Baby Deuce right before Mother’s Day, I’ve been lusting after a custom mom necklace.  I want to display my kids’ names as well as their birthstones.  I love silver jewelry, and myheartsaKEs’ washer necklaces are exactly what I was looking for.

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Premama Prenatal Vitamin Drink Sweepstakes & Giveaway!

With both of my pregnancies, finding a vitamin that was compatible with my nausea seemed impossible.  I wish I had known about Premama Prenatal Vitamin Drink earlier!  This doctor-recommended vitamin powder drink mix is easy to use and contains ingredients to help with nausea and digestive relief, which are two of the most common side effects of prenatal vitamins.

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“Escape From Planet Earth” Giveaway!

EFPE- Giveaway Prizing

There’s a new 3D animated family comedy coming to the big screen!  “Escape From Planet Earth” will be released nationwide on Friday, February 15th!

Take a trip to the blue alien population’s planet Baab, where astronaut Scorch Supernova (Brendan Fraser) is a national hero.  He pulls off daring rescues with the help of his nerdy, by-the-rules brother Gary (Rob Corddry), head of mission control at BASA.  When the BASA chief Lena (Jessica Alba) informs the brothers of an SOS from a dangerous planet, Scorch leaves for yet another exciting mission.  But when he finds himself caught in a trap set by the evil Shanker (William Shatner), it’s up to his scrawny brother Gary to do the real rescuing.  Soon Gary is left to save his brother, his planet, his wife Kira (Sarah Jessica Parker) and their adventurous son Kip (Jonathan Morgan Heit)!

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$500 Christmas Cash Giveaway

Are you ready to win some cash?!  This giveaway is just in time give your wallet an extra boost after buying all those presents. ;)  I mean, who couldn’t use an extra $500? Sounds good to me!

Christmas Cash Giveaway Event

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Celebrating Summertime Giveaway!

Celebrating Summertime Giveaway Kick your summer off right with the chance to win a  


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