When It’s Scary to Raise a Family on Campus

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With the exception of one year of newlywed life, I have been living on campus for nine years. Campus has always felt like a safe place for me. Residence halls require card access, campus police is always nearby, and two of the three campuses I have lived on had security cameras. All considered, it’s one of the safest environments around.

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Sometimes My Apartment Smells Like Poop

For a year and a half, I have wracked my brain wondering why my apartment randomly smells like poop sometimes.  It would be easy now to blame it on C, but he’s only been around for nearly nine months. 😉

Every time it happens, I walk around my apartment sniffing everything like a bloodhound.  The garbage can, the diaper genie, the bathroom, the sink, the refrigerator.  I probably look pretty crazy.  But how the heck does the smell of poo infiltrate our humble abode?  It’s an unsettling problem to have.

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Fire Alarms Galore!

There are numerous benefits to living on-campus for Hubster’s position as a Hall Director, but there are moments (or nights) when those seem to be outweighed by the negative experiences. Tonight was one of those nights.

Less than two hours after C went to bed, the fire alarm went off. Now, this is not just your typical fire detector. Imagine an air horn siren and flashing strobe lights with a male voice saying, “ATTENTION, ATTENTION. PLEASE MOVE TO YOUR NEAREST EXIT. ATTENTION, ATTENTION.” It is truly terrifying to wake up to that. My poor son woke up to that noise FOUR times tonight. FOUR!

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Raising a Child in a Residence Hall

I’ve mentioned in the past that Hubster has a live-in graduate assistantship.  He is a residence hall director and we live in the hall director apartment in a residence hall.  There are distinct pros and cons to raising a child in a residence hall.  It’s an environment that emphasizes the value of education and diversity.  I’m really excited that my son will be growing up understanding how valuable and exciting higher education is.  We will have the opportunity to expose him to a diverse group of people, backgrounds and beliefs.  There are many students that may not have experienced these things until entering college, but our son will be opened to them from the beginning.

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