When It’s Scary to Raise a Family on Campus

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With the exception of one year of newlywed life, I have been living on campus for nine years. Campus has always felt like a safe place for me. Residence halls require card access, campus police is always nearby, and two of the three campuses I have lived on had security cameras. All considered, it’s one of the safest environments around.

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Tales of a Res Life Spouse

Hubster works in residence life and we live on campus.  Our living arrangement often produces a lot of intrigue, so I thought I’d address some of the most common questions here.  Enjoy. :)

The Myths and Realities

We live in a “dorm” room.  First, let me correct you with the proper term.  If you’ve ever worked in residence life, the word “dorm” probably makes you cringe.  It’s not a “dorm,” it’s a residence hall.  Since Hubster is a professional staff member, we actually live in an apartment within a residence hall.  Most professional staff apartments were former student rooms that have been renovated into an apartment (unless it’s a newer building and the apartment was in the building plans).  We currently reside in a building that consists of 4-bedroom student apartments.  Our apartment was renovated into a 3-bedroom apartment with a small laundry room.

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Becoming a Working Mom by Anna S. {Guest Post}

Anna, a college friend of mine, is here today to tell us about her surprise entry into motherhood and how she balances being a mom and working full-time.  Anna and her husband are also raising their son in a residence hall.  I had to laugh at her hubby’s reaction to her positive pregnancy test – that was Hubster’s exact reaction as well!  Thank you for being here, Anna!

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Nighttime: An Open Letter to C

Dearest C,

When you were super little, I very much enjoyed sharing our one bedroom with you.  It was such a comfort to know that you were just a foot away from me.  It was so easy to come to your aid in the middle of the night when you needed one of us.  In the first couple of weeks, when my new maternal instinct was in overdrive and I had to check to make sure you were breathing, I didn’t need to go far.

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Living in a Small Space With a Baby

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you may know that our family of three lives in quite a small space.  I’ve blogged about the challenges of small spaces and products that make life easier.  This post on BabyCenter by blogger Sabrina Garibian was recently brought to my attention.  She talks about living in a small space – but! – her family of three lives in a two-bedroom condo.  Two bedrooms!

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Fire Alarms Galore!

There are numerous benefits to living on-campus for Hubster’s position as a Hall Director, but there are moments (or nights) when those seem to be outweighed by the negative experiences. Tonight was one of those nights.

Less than two hours after C went to bed, the fire alarm went off. Now, this is not just your typical fire detector. Imagine an air horn siren and flashing strobe lights with a male voice saying, “ATTENTION, ATTENTION. PLEASE MOVE TO YOUR NEAREST EXIT. ATTENTION, ATTENTION.” It is truly terrifying to wake up to that. My poor son woke up to that noise FOUR times tonight. FOUR!

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