My Early Bedtime is the Best Decision I’ve Made This Week

I haven’t slept through the night in five years. Well, that’s not exactly true. The nights that a family member has graciously taken our children overnight, I managed to get a full night of sleep. The truer statement would be, each night that I have been with one or both of my children since the first was born, I have not slept through the night. Let’s not get into semantics. I’m too tired for that. Let’s just say that chronic sleep deprivation has taken its toll.

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Mothering When Your Well is Empty

Mothering when your well is empty

“I am touched out!” Raise your hand if you’ve expressed those words before. I have both of mine raised. There have been far too many times when I just CANNOT. The kids demanded two different dinners, so you made three because you need to eat, too. Then they decided that whatever you so humbly made them is inedible by the time it arrives to their plates. So you passed out bowls of yogurt and Goldfish because there’s no way you will make another meal. Why are these tiny humans so unreasonable?!

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You have permission to make time for yourself.

Self-care can look different for each of us.

I think we can all agree that our children are important. They’re the reason that we do all the things that we do in order to secure food, shelter and happiness for our little loves. In the midst of all you do to take care of your children, are you remembering to take care of yourself? I need to let you in on a secret that shouldn’t be so secret. You, yes youare important. You have permission to make time for yourself, too.

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My Perfect Day Alone

Do you ever daydream about what you would do with a day alone at home?

Hubster gave me the chance to live out my daydream on Saturday. He realized how much he’s gone for work this month and decided to take the kids off my hands for a day. Last week, he was at a conference and as you know – it was not C’s best week. C is experiencing a setback (see here and here) and although my parents helped me out a lot, the week left me physically and emotionally exhausted. Hubster packed up the kids and headed to visit some out of town friends for the day. So what did I do with my beautiful day alone?

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Be Gentle

“Be Gentle.”  I say these two words to C countless times throughout the day.  I don’t know why I don’t apply them to myself. I’ve only had three appointments with my therapist, but I feel like we’ve covered a lot of ground in a short amount of time.  At my last appointment, we discussed negative thoughts – how to control them, combat them and make them positive.  I realized that I think pretty awful things.  Things I could never (and would never) say to someone else.

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