(Kinda) Wordless Wednesday: Baby Jo Goes Shopping

This girl. She’s 90 percent sweetness and 10 percent spitfire.

Baby Jo goes shopping

“Okay Mom, what’re we gettin’?”

So much sweetness.

Baby Jo smiling in the shopping cart

Create a One-Stop Shopping List with Find & Save

Disclosure: I am receiving compensation from Wanderful Media for this review. The opinions below are entirely my own.

Have you ever wished you could create your shopping list for multiple stores on one website? I know that would make my life so much easier. I didn’t know that opportunity existed until I discovered Find & Save. Simply enter your location and your local stores will pop up.

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Wordless Wednesday: Riding in the Cart

He had so much fun “driving” the cart!

My Shopping Buddy

I FINALLY had enough energy to venture to Target!  When I told C that we were going shopping, he was so excited that he grabbed his shoes and started banging on the apartment door.  He *loves* to run errands.

My favorite little shopping buddy!

Our Week in Pictures

“Look, Mama!  Now I can pull myself up whenever I want, even when you’re not watching!”

“I also like to leave behind a path of destruction.”

On my shopping spree to find new clothes to flatter the new body shape that C left me with, I found what I think will become my favorite dress of the summer season!  Please excuse the awkward self-portrait-in-the-bathroom. ;)

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My Vacation!

I suppose that when you’re a stay-at-home mom and your child is staying with his grandparents for the week, you can consider it a vacation right?!

Well, I guess I’m on vacation!  After visiting my parents last weekend, we decided to leave C with them for the week since I was planning on coming back next weekend.  They get time to bond with C and I get some time to myself.  It’s a win-win, really.

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Embracing My Inner Maxx-inista

I *love* TJ Maxx.  And Marshall’s.  And Ross.

haha, I love pretty much any of those stores where you can get higher-end items for great deals.  Tonight we went to TJ Maxx and I bought a 5-pack of super cute Carter’s baby washcloths for $5.99 and my fav sports bra in a different color for $5.99!

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Kraft Spaghetti

Have you ever tried Kraft’s Tangy Italian Spaghetti?  It comes in a box like Macaroni & Cheese.  You add the spices from the packet to a can of tomato sauce, boil the noodles and voila!  You have a fabulously delicious, spicy spaghetti.  It truly is fantastic.

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