Living Room By Day, Bedroom By Night

Well, we did it!  We moved our bed into the living room so that C could have his own bedroom.  We have so much more floor space now, and we have been sleeping wonderfully.  Wonderfully!

Please excuse the piles of laundry. There's always laundry in some stage of completion at Chateau de Novotny.

I wish I had agreed to make this move sooner.  I was concerned that it would be too weird to have our bed in the living room when we had guests.  The reality?  No one ever visits us.  If I had come to terms with reality sooner, C and I could have been sleeping better for months! 😉

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Mentally Checking Out

In less than a month, Hubster will graduate and shortly after that, his graduate assistantship will come to an end and we will need to move out of our campus apartment.  We don’t know exactly when we’re moving yet; mostly because we don’t know where we’re headed next.  Yet, I think I’ve already begun to mentally check out of this place.

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Living in a Small Space With a Baby

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you may know that our family of three lives in quite a small space.  I’ve blogged about the challenges of small spaces and products that make life easier.  This post on BabyCenter by blogger Sabrina Garibian was recently brought to my attention.  She talks about living in a small space – but! – her family of three lives in a two-bedroom condo.  Two bedrooms!

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Making Space for Baby

After we returned from our trip to visit family for the holidays, the fruits of our baby showers were littered across our entire living room.  And there it all sat for DAYS!  I’m one of those clean freak people who is easily overwhelmed by big messes…and that was definitely an overwhelming task of sorting through clothes, blankets and toys and finding room in our cramped apartment for them.  I am super excited to report that all of our big items were easily assembled and in working order, and the clothes were much easier to put away than I had anticipated.  We even purchased a couple items ourselves when we got back home, including this super cute outfit.  I can’t wait to dress him in this little polo and jeans – he’ll look just like his daddy 🙂

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Small Apartments

I think there are going to be many challenges to having a baby in a one-bedroom apartment through its first year of life. We have relatively large bedroom furniture, but decided that our bedroom is the only place for the baby to go. When it’s super little, we’d have to cook/watch tv/make phone calls/etc very quietly in order to provide a calm sleeping environment in the living room and kitchen area (it’s an open, connected area). When the baby gets bigger, it would be way too easily distracted by us out here to get to sleep. If he or she is in our bedroom, at least we’ll have a door to close so that we can go on with our daily routines while they’re sleeping. But…that also means no privacy for a year. Interesting trade-off. :-p

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