Non-Slimy Finger Foods?

Do you know of any healthy finger foods for a 10-month-old that do not have a slimy texture?  I’ve been brainstorming for days, but haven’t come up with any fruits or vegetables that wouldn’t be slimy!

C is very particular about texture.  He doesn’t like to have anything sticky or slimy on his hands.  I gave him some bananas last night and he angrily flailed his arms and gave me the stink face.

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C is a Spoon Hijacker!

C’s new favorite thing to do is hijack the spoon while I’m trying to feed him.  He’s very proud of himself while he’s chewing on that spoon!

C Loves Avocados!

I told Hubster that C was going to try avocado tonight.  His response: “If he likes it, we know he’s your child.  If he doesn’t, then we know he’s my child.”  :-p

C LOVED it!  It was pretty funny, because he usually makes a disgusted face when he gets his first bite of food.  He couldn’t get enough avocados, though.  I had to keep shoveling it in!

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