C’s Big News

It was a typical day at C’s weekly therapy for sensory processing disorder. We saw his occupational therapist and speech therapist today. The only difference was Hubster joining me on his day off. Oh, and C’s therapists think he can go down to one appointment per month instead of one per week.

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C Ate Lunch with Baby Jo!

C eats lunch at the table with Baby Jo

In many households, this would be a normal lunchtime picture. Brother and sister eating at the table together, each of them feeding themselves their food.

In my home, this moment was enough to bring tears of joy to my eyes. My tubie with sensory processing disorder is doing a few amazing things in this picture:

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Checking In: C’s Health

Toddler C gets his EEG
The last detailed update that I gave you all about C’s health was when he had an EEG done to look further into the brain activity that was picked up during his sleep study. I didn’t update you on the results because I was a little confused by them. The EEG was normal; however, I showed a few videos of C’s episodes to his pediatrician. The pediatrician said that if he didn’t have a normal EEG, he would order one based on the videos. He recommended waiting to see if these episodes continued or started to occur more frequently. If so, then we’d look into a longer-term EEG and he’d have to stay in the hospital for it. If not, then we can just move forward. I haven’t noticed any changes in the past month.

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Our Decisions for C After Birth to Three

C researching therapy options

The last few months have been filled with SO MANY DECISIONS. Yes, sometimes I felt like life was screaming at me to make all of them. I was stressed about doing the right thing, making the right choices, putting C on the right path. I was feeling a lot of pressure on my shoulders.

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Sometimes You Just Need to Cry

The kids have been sick all week. Baby Jo had her cold for so long that C and I came down with it again. When they’re sick, they are super whiny, clingy and jealous of each other. If I’m holding one, the other is crying. They pull at me all day long. C’s SPD is out of control when he’s sick. It makes for very long, very loud, very stressful days.

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Aging Out of Birth to Three

Decisions, decisions.

When a child gets close to aging out of the Birth to Three program, there are three options. Schedule an evaluation for services with the public school system, seek private therapy, or do nothing. Obviously that last option was not really an option for us. We need help! I originally was not going to bother with the meetings and evaluations with the school system, because we don’t think it’s very likely that C will be eligible. Considering the headaches we’ve been having with our insurance company, though, I’ve changed my mind.

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Parenting a Child With Sensory Processing Disorder is…Rough.

We’ve been trying to get C the help that he needs with an OT. He currently sees a speech therapist through our county’s Birth to Three program. It’s been over a month since we started talking about bringing in OT and nothing has happened. Things are getting so difficult and I just can’t wait anymore.

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Building My Team of Doctors

So, if you haven’t heard…Hubster and I are starting to think about trying for Baby Deuce.  Since I’ll be at high risk for experiencing another postpartum mood disorder, I want to be as prepared as possible before becoming pregnant.  I’ve been working on building my “team.”

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Another Scary Step in the Right Direction

C and I had the best morning together yesterday.  We went to our newly remodeled Target (don’t even get me started on how excited I am about it!), had a lot of fun playing and laughing together and then I enjoyed a vanilla latte and he took a 2.5-hour nap.

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