Navigating the Next Step

Navigating the Next Steps

Some families are baking holiday cookies, going sledding or enjoying vacation together. We’re over here navigating the next step to take in getting Baby Jo some help. How did we get here? I’m feeling melancholy tonight. I wouldn’t change my children for the world, but I also wish that things were easier for both of them.

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C wants to share what he’s been working on!

C wants to share with you what he’s been working on! I am so proud of this kid. He has been working so hard with his staff at center-based autism therapy. At dinner, I asked him about new things he learned that day. He said I could share with you how he can now count to 20 and sing his ABC’s!

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I love and hate early intervention.

Giving C a hug

C will begin center-based ABA therapy for autism on June 1st. We chose center-based early intervention primarily based on the recommendations of the team that provided the diagnosis. He needs that social interaction to help him grow in the areas he struggles most. While in-home early intervention is an excellent choice for many families, I also felt that it wouldn’t be a good fit with our small apartment and the difficulty I would have separating Baby Jo and C during therapy sessions. We are very happy with the center, C loves it and we’re all excited for therapy to begin. But…I’m finding myself sulking about the whole situation.

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C’s Big News

It was a typical day at C’s weekly therapy for sensory processing disorder. We saw his occupational therapist and speech therapist today. The only difference was Hubster joining me on his day off. Oh, and C’s therapists think he can go down to one appointment per month instead of one per week.

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C Ate Lunch with Baby Jo!

C eats lunch at the table with Baby Jo

In many households, this would be a normal lunchtime picture. Brother and sister eating at the table together, each of them feeding themselves their food.

In my home, this moment was enough to bring tears of joy to my eyes. My tubie with sensory processing disorder is doing a few amazing things in this picture:

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