Staying Connected

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Every year, Hubster and I go on a kids-free vacation together. With the stress of two young children, autism, and our work schedules, we find ourselves looking so forward to that annual time as a couple. Staying connected is so important.

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Our Summer Vacation on Madeline Island

Adventure + Relaxation: Summer Vacation on Madeline Island

One of the most important things that Hubster and I do for our relationship each year is schedule a summer vacation. With two small children and his long work hours, we have decided that we need to get away as a couple every year to reconnect. On our first wedding anniversary, we traveled to Bayfield, Wisconsin, for a few days and took the ferry to Madeline Island. We rented bicycles for half the day and mopeds for the other half. We hiked at Big Bay State Park. We fell in love. We vowed to come back for a vacation on Madeline Island.

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(Kinda) Wordless Wednesday: Vacation Prep Starts Early! #tubie #gtube

We’re 10 months into this g-tube life, and I’m getting smarter about everything. I’ve started preparing now for our vacation that starts on Sunday! So far I’ve made 8 of the 18 feeds that C will need while Hubster and I are away. Doing a little at a time takes the pressure off instead of food prep turning into a 4-hour affair the night before vacation!

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Living in a Daydream

The past couple days, I’ve been daydreaming about being somewhere peaceful and warm.  It might have something to do with the winter dragging on for what seems like forever (it always feels like forever by the time March rolls around); it might have to do with becoming larger and more pregnant as each day progresses; or it might be due to feeling sick and wanting to teleport elsewhere.  Whatever it is, I’ve been thinking a lot about the beach, kayaking and relaxing to the sound of waves crashing against the shore.

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Wordless Wednesday: Our Disney World Vacation

Today’s post is basically a photo dump of some of the highlights of our vacation last week.  Yes, there are a few pictures of ice cream.  That’s what happens when a pregnant person goes on vacation. 😉  What can you do?  Ice cream is delicious, and I apologize if any of you have cravings after the viewing of these pictures.

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C Meets Mickey!

This is the first time I’ve ever purchased Disney Photo Pass pictures (the downloads are $14.95 each!), but I totally think it was worth it.  We visited Disney World’s Animal Kingdom today and had a fantastic time.  When most people were eating lunch, we took advantage of a relatively short line to meet Mickey Mouse.  C was so excited to meet him.  He absolutely adores “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” on Disney Junior.  It was fun to see his reaction and get a nice, maybe once-in-a-lifetime family picture with Mickey.  These two pics make my day. :)

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