#Mamavation Monday: Family Walks on the Trail!


Baby Jo in the Ergo, ready to go out!

Baby Jo in the Ergo, ready to go out!

The weather is gorgeous and I’m healing well from my c-section, so we’ve finally been able to go out on the beautiful trails around campus for some family walks! I’ve been very eager to get back out there. The trails are my favorite feature about where we live. Last August, I had started running on them regularly. Soon I’ll be able to start training for a 5k again on these trails!

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Mamavation Monday: I’m Doing This!

Happy Labor Day, Mamavation Monday, back-to-school, etc.! ;)

Last week, I blogged a few times about how I was completing my final withdrawal from Effexor (antidepressant taken for PPD) as I finally went down to 0mg last week Saturday.

It. Was. A. Nightmare.

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C Does Laps Before Bedtime

Morning Walks With C

What I love most about our new campus home is that there is an abundance of greenspace.  It’s so wonderful to be surrounded by trees, grasses and prairie.  C and I enjoy going out for morning walks together.  He loves riding in his stroller!

C checking out his new BOB stroller a few months ago

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Our Week in Pictures

“Look, Mama!  Now I can pull myself up whenever I want, even when you’re not watching!”

“I also like to leave behind a path of destruction.”

On my shopping spree to find new clothes to flatter the new body shape that C left me with, I found what I think will become my favorite dress of the summer season!  Please excuse the awkward self-portrait-in-the-bathroom. ;)

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Skipping Milestones?

Have your children ever skipped milestones?

C never wants to sit down.  He always stiffens his body up to stand.  Whenever we’re lucky enough to get him to sit, he arches his back in protest.  He *LOVES* to jump and stand.  He won’t even roll over when on his stomach (even though he did that at 2 months of age…).  I’m not surprised that he won’t roll over from his back to belly because he has zero interest in being on his belly.  He ONLY wants to stand.  I have a feeling he will refuse to learn to sit or roll and just go straight to walking.

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Pretty Sure Baby Has Dropped!

As if I thought I was in enough pain and discomfort…

Last night, my pelvis felt like it was shattered.  My back was killing me.  I could barely walk around and after I had changed into pajama pants, I was nearly in tears from the pain of bending over.  I didn’t think it was possible to pee more than I already was but, alas!, it is.

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Surrendering to the Waddle

In the back of my mind, I have always thought that ladies at the end of their pregnancies with the arched backs and the duck waddle were exaggerating.  Why would anyone need to counterbalance by bending backward?  And why, WHY, would anyone need to walk like a duck?

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