To Dwell

(yesterday afternoon)
Me: Can we hang out together tonight?
Hubster: What do you want to do?
Me: Nothing really.  I’d just like to dwell in the same room with you when we’re not asleep.

You know your spouse has been super busy lately when your idea of hanging out together is simply to dwell in the same room!

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Am I Stay-At-Home Mom Material?

Courtesy of

We’ve all seen supermom.  She effortlessly drives around town in her minivan, escorting her children to all of their extracurricular activities.  Dressed in school colors, she claps wildly at her kids’ sporting events.  She bakes elaborate snacks and her house is always spotless.  She has time to do her hair every morning and never wears yoga pants unless she’s working out.

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It’s August?!

I simply cannot believe that it’s August 1st.  Where did the time go?!

It feels like summer is completely over for us.  Hubster’s fall training is in full swing and has been for about two weeks already.  His grad classes will begin again in a few weeks.  It’s crazy how fast time goes!  It was slightly over a year ago that we moved here, but it certainly doesn’t feel like it was that long ago.  So much has changed since then!

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Hubby Time

Today, I had an awesome yet supremely rare opportunity to spend the entire day with my hubster. It was fantastic. 🙂

While thinking about how wonderful it was to be spending quality time together, it occurred to me that today was the first day he took off of work since we were visiting family during the holidays. I’m so proud and appreciative of him and how hard he works to provide for our growing family. While he’s extremely dedicated to excelling in school and his job, I’m going to start encouraging him to take more time to relax for both his own sanity and for us. I mean, one day off in two months?! The man needs a break!

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An Oklahoma official recently questioned a board’s choice to hire a pregnant woman.  The poor woman in question, due in April, left the room in tears.  Outraged, people are calling for his resignation.  I hope he does resign; his words were certainly misogynistic.

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Weekly Update

26 weeks

Size of baby: Cucumber (approx. 15 in., 2.2 lbs)

Newly craved food: I indulged in some Cold Stone this week and it was fantastic!

Food aversions: Beef, fried foods

What do you miss: This week I started to miss working in a full-time job, mostly because of the constant social interactions that come along with it.  It’s weird being home all of the time, and I’m looking forward to having our baby to keep me busy!

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