I Have the Attention Span of a – ooo, That's Shiny!

I can’t guarantee that I’ll write this post in one sitting.  My pregnancy brain has reached its peak.  (At least, I hope it won’t get worse in the next few weeks!

Whenever I want or need to read an article, a blog post, an email, etc., I can never seem to get through it anymore.  Tonight my attention span is so poor that I opened three tabs of news articles that I am really interested in, but am simply unable to do anything more than open those tabs.  I tried to read them; I really did.  But then I noticed that my Twitter tab said there were 3 new tweets.  Ten minutes later, I tried to read again.  But then the towels in the drier were finished.  And the attempts go on from there.  I still have yet to read an article.

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Badonkadonks Anonymous

The other day, I pulled on a pair of maternity jeans that I hadn’t worn in a week or two only to discover that they were a bit tight in the behind.  There hasn’t been any other change in the way my other pants fit, so I don’t know if my butt is expanding or if the jeans were in the drier too long. :'(  Needless to say, my body image took a bit of a hit at that moment.

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