Throwback Thursday: Videos of Baby C!

I love looking back at old videos of C. It seems like so long ago!

Here is Baby C ripping paper and laughing.

Here’s Baby C doing pull ups!

C Memorizes Disney Planes Trailer

My little man is so excited about the release of Disney’s new Planes: Fire & Rescue movie that he has memorized the Disney Planes trailer. I managed to capture it on video tonight and although it’s a bit shaky and you get to listen in on some of Baby Jo’s bedtime crying, it’s still fun. :)

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C and Baby Jo Have a Tea Party

I took this video almost two months ago and I can’t believe I didn’t share it with you here! I love how these two play together – you know, when they’re not fighting. ;) They love playing with their tea pot, and here they are having a tea party together.

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Baby Jo jumps in her brother’s trampoline!

My little one-year-old girl went into her brother’s trampoline and instantly knew what to do. She was jumping and having herself a grand ol’ time! We’ve had to close off the trampoline area with a large gate, because they wanted to be in there at the same time. It started to turn into a toddler cage match. ;)

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My Son is Crying Because “Everybody’s Got Armpits.”

C was putting together his puzzle and must have had an epiphany that terrified him: everybody’s got armpits.

Moms are awesome. #WorldsToughestJob

If you haven’t seen this viral video yet, by American Greetings and Cardstore, you must watch it! They created a real job posting, posted it on real sites and conducted real interviews. Their working job title was, “Director of Operations.” It gave me goosebumps! Enjoy. :)

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C Gets Sensory Input from Falling on his Bed

C has a high threshold for certain sensory input, like vestibular and proprioceptive. He likes to fall on his bed either onto his face or backward onto his butt. Here he is falling backward to get the input he needs.

C Does Donuts in his Cozy Truck

If this is any indication of his driving habits in 14 years…

Here’s C doing donuts in the living room in his Little Tikes Cozy Truck!

C Gets Vestibular Input from Swinging

Disclosure: This post includes an Amazon affiliate link.

C has a high need for vestibular input with his sensory processing disorder. One of his favorite ways to get that is from swinging in this awesome swing we bought from IKEA. Here’s a video of C “stimming” in the swing!

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C Greets Baby Jo: “Hi, Little Fishy!”

I think C has been watching too much “Finding Nemo” lately, because he’s started greeting his sister with, “Hi, Little Fishy!” You’ll also hear him saying, “Hi, little guy!” Some family members say this to him. :)

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