Baby Jo Newborn 2

Strong. Smart. Funny.

Baby Jo with 1-year smash cake

Adventurous. Compassionate. Joyful.

Baby Jo is 18 months old

Sweet. Cuddly. Loving.

Baby Jo loves Pampers

Singing. Laughing. Smiling.

On Discovering Baby Jo's Milk Allergy

A tiny voice. A sparkle in her eyes.

Baby Jo catches air

This is three.

How strong is Charmin Ultra Strong?

Distributing the Charmin Ultra Strong #EnjoyTheGo AD

Have you ever tried wiping a toddler’s behind with flimsy toilet paper? It’s not a pleasant experience. Lesser quality toilet papers shred or tear, leaving you with an even bigger mess to clean up. We’ve been through potty training before. I was prepared this second time around with strong toilet paper! So just how strong is Charmin Ultra Strong? We tested it for a week to find out!

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My Method for Cleaning Fingerprints Off of Stainless Steel Appliances

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Clean Fingerprints off Stainless Steel Appliances

Less than 24 hours after moving into our new home, the refrigerator broke. We scrambled to gather coolers and purchase ice to keep our food from going bad. It was 1:30 in the morning and you can imagine the grumblings from the two of us. Remodeling the kitchen and purchasing new appliances was in our 5-year plan for this house – but replacing a major appliance on the first day?! Argh.

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{KWW} I Watch This When I’m Numb

There are many things I hate about depression, but one of the most frustrating parts is feeling numb. I was completely exhausted by the time the kids went to sleep last night. They hadn’t behaved badly, per se, but I was just done. The heavy tiredness sank into my chest and I realized what was missing: feelings. I hadn’t laughed with the kids. I hadn’t felt anything except exhaustion. I laid on my bed and streamed some TV.

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Culture Shock: 5 Things I Forgot to Do in a Home After Living on Campus

5 Things I Forgot to Do in a Home After Living on Campus

We spent 10 years living on campus. It was inevitable that we would experience a little culture shock. But I was surprised by the top five things that I forgot to do in a home after living on campus! These things were so simple that I’m still laughing at myself weeks later. Here we go…

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{KWW} Just a Guy and a Girl in a ResHall

Just a Guy and a Girl in a ResHall

It wasn’t love at first sight, but our personalities clicked immediately. We were just a guy and a girl in a ResHall, hanging out at the front desk, working on programs together and having epic late-night snowball fights with some of our friends. This picture provides the perfect window into our lives nine years ago. You would rarely find one of us without the other. Less than a week after this picture was taken, we officially started dating. I love this photo. I see that new relationship excitement in both of our eyes and it brings back those feelings. You know the ones – flutters in your stomach, heart skipping a beat.

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