Convenient Snacks for our Win-Win Moments

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Baby Jo likes Gerber Graduates Grabbers #GerberWinWinMoment #ad

Do you spend a lot of time in your car? Sometimes I feel like we should have extra sets of clothes, snacks and water in our car because we are constantly on the go. As much as I like to make homemade snacks and meals, it’s just not possible to serve homemade food all the time. We might find ourselves running to Nana’s at lunchtime or driving across town during snack time. Gerber® Graduates® are perfect for these clutch moments when we either need a snack within reach or we all better buckle up for a toddler tantrum. Baby Jo wants her food and she wants it now!

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You have permission to make time for yourself.

Self-care can look different for each of us.

I think we can all agree that our children are important. They’re the reason that we do all the things that we do in order to secure food, shelter and happiness for our little loves. In the midst of all you do to take care of your children, are you remembering to take care of yourself? I need to let you in on a secret that shouldn’t be so secret. You, yes youare important. You have permission to make time for yourself, too.

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(Kinda) Wordless Wednesday: C Plays Video Games

There are few things that bring me as much joy as seeing how much my children love their daddy. C often looks out the window to see if Hubster is walking home from work. “We miss Daddy when he’s at work, don’t we?” He wants to run errands with Daddy, attend residence life programs by his side, and learn how to play x-box games just like him.

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Banana Chocolate Protein Smoothie Recipe + Giveaway! #MyGoodEnergy #TeamPremier #ad

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Banana Chocolate Protein Smoothie #TeamPremier #MyGoodEnergy #ad

There’s a feeling that I get whenever I’m done with a hard workout at the gym. It is part elation and part exhaustion. The elation is what keeps me coming back for more, and the exhaustion is something I can remedy with the right recovery food for my body. I have always enjoyed some good cardio, but in the past year I have become addicted to running. It challenges me in a way that nothing else does. I am not a natural runner. I have short legs and thighs that will always touch. The effort I put into every mile…well, I just know a half marathon will never be easy for me regardless of how long I train. But I love it.

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Our Summer Vacation on Madeline Island

Adventure + Relaxation: Summer Vacation on Madeline Island

One of the most important things that Hubster and I do for our relationship each year is schedule a summer vacation. With two small children and his long work hours, we have decided that we need to get away as a couple every year to reconnect. On our first wedding anniversary, we traveled to Bayfield, Wisconsin, for a few days and took the ferry to Madeline Island. We rented bicycles for half the day and mopeds for the other half. We hiked at Big Bay State Park. We fell in love. We vowed to come back for a vacation on Madeline Island.

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For the parent who is trying their best.

Sometimes you try your hardest, but your partner walks in the door at night to find you unshowered, wearing pajamas amidst a tornado of toys, wine glass in hand and tears streaming down your face. Your partner looks across the room and sees the children, faces illuminated by the electronic devices you gave them in order to allow yourself a moment of peace.

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